I want to run as much as I like Apple tablet

Dear Sunday, why am so excited to see you?
On January 31, 2010 Mall of Asia grounds will surely capture exuberance of spirits. MOA is definitely a great venue to show aspiring college students that you care.
Kuya Daniel’s creativity can be seen even in his projects. With this ‘Just One Day’ event – promoting health and wellness, spending quality time with family and friends, showing an act of charity – is covered.
Angela reminds herself and everyone reading this blog post:

  1. Double check running kit if complete
  2. What’s my – checkin time, start run time, curfew, and category/color?
  3. Remember start and finish lines
  4. Warm up. Exercise, do some stretching…
  5. Run. Walk. Run. Finish Line.
  6. Remember there’s still a ceremonial run. Don’t go elsewhere after your course.
  7. Do something good. It’s an opportunity to help and show kindness to people.

Uhm… before I go, I have seen this cool video from Time.com. What about running barefooted? 😀

You can visit sports37.net for more info.

Witness the force of goodwill!

Have a great day everyone,

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One thought on “I want to run as much as I like Apple tablet

  1. Run on Sunday. At least we can say, “My feet touched the ground, ran once in my life to reach out to people who dreamed to finish college.”

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