Pressure and Fun – a Good Tandem?

I’ve been up with the team wrapping up tasks last night. Now we felt all the same, I’m sure I’ll get an affirmative response on the question posted (see blog title.) You can never feel so tired when you love what you’re doing. However, don’t ever discount the fact that things need to be _________Continue reading “Pressure and Fun – a Good Tandem?”

I want to run as much as I like Apple tablet

Dear Sunday, why am so excited to see you? On January 31, 2010 Mall of Asia grounds will surely capture exuberance of spirits. MOA is definitely a great venue to show aspiring college students that you care. Kuya Daniel’s creativity can be seen even in his projects. With this ‘Just One Day’ event – promotingContinue reading “I want to run as much as I like Apple tablet”