Her silver lining at 30…

This blog aims to tap women of today who does not realize that being hard on herself won’t do any help at all.

Here goes her story.

She is a woman who sets high expectations for herself.

She’s “idealistic”, probably. Those who are close to her would describe her that way. She is this girl who thrusts herself in whatever she feels doing and exerts 100% in whatever she engages in.

She is a very optimistic person, to the extent that she thought she can change the world within her might. Being armed with an optimistic mind, she thought she can change challenging people she deal with on a daily basis. She thought sometime, somewhere, these people will believe in what she believes in. That these people will walk the same road she is walking in.

When still young and since she started schooling, being an achiever was already a goal she sets for herself to achieve. Yes, even as early as kindergarten years, she strove so hard to be on top. Later would the day come for her to realize that she could have enjoyed playing with kids similar with her age than spending most of her time with her books and writing over and over to achieve awesome handwriting. Lest she realized when she woke up one day that she saw herself asking, “where did the time go?’

She graduated in college and surpassed the hurdles smoothly. But she cared less of keeping friends. For her younger self, what mattered was to get good grades and reap the fruits of her four-year indifference and graduate with flying colors.

One day she met the man of her dreams. She married and had a wonderful child. Her pregnancy jaunt was not that easy but she did not mind. Again for her, everything was perfect! She thought if life gives her lemons, she will make a lemonade than be sorry for the sourness it brings.

Being judged by people? Yes, she heard all sorts in her life. But, being focused into her goal in life became like shadows that pass by. “Doesn’t matter, don’t care…” were her lines while hurdling the obstacles that life brings.

In feeling the feelings of the needy and lowly, she felt numb. Oh! Her numbness infected her right senses to remember that one time in the past, she was herself needy. Success may have turned her into someone else entirely, covering her heart with a “go-getter’s I can!” attitude.

Then one day something happened. She realized she is not someone she thought was so special. She’s just an ordinary girl, vulnerable and also helpless. She knew by then that she should understand and connect to other people, like those in need in its truest sense.

It was love, she knew she felt. Love in its deepest meaning was reintroduced to her.

For almost  a decade, she enjoyed having a rosy career. But one day she woke up breaking up with her professional love affair. She has put an end to months of frustrations and disappointments. Forcing and dragging herself to work were her breakfast then. Painful, was the perfect word to describe it, she says. Yes, for months, endured the painful phase of her career life.

“What could be the deeper reasons? Why?,”she asked herself the probing question. “I have given my all and yet this?”

Until a new day sets in. Sunrise finally did came one day, after months of searching for an answer.

She remembered, she heard a voice somewhere: “Learn to ask! Learn to understand what it is to be helpless. Love more! Love deeply! Speak less. Learn the language of silence. Call upon Him – in silence. Meet Him at the secret room.”

A silver lining appears that kicks the pain away.

New learnings starts anew. It was a teachable moment for that woman.

Surely, God has his ways to teach one how it is to love again.

A silver lining – to love again.


Ang Dating Daan Reaches 36 Years in Broadcast Evangelization, Public Service

Congratulations to Ang Dating Daan – dubbed as longest running religious television program for its 36th year in public service!


ADD Television program airs through UNTV 37. It is also accessible via web streaming through: https://www.untvweb.com/

Philippines is blessed with a television program that cares about the Spiritual and physical wellness of our fellow countrymen.

Here are a few of ADD program’s public service acts this year:

  • Bible Giving, Bible Reading Awareness
  • Inspiring People – Former Drug Addicts, Drunkards through Religious Evangelization
  • Blood Donation

For details please check the following websites and social media web pages:





Quips for keeps. Join Quipsphere!


Depression, anxiety, stress, they’re prevalent nowadays. Things get worse when an individual feels that nobody is listening to him/her.


How can “talking” help out a sad/troubled person?


According to UK Mental Health Foundation:

“Talking about your thoughts and feelings can help you deal with times when you feel troubled about something. If you turn a worry over and over in your mind, the worry can grow.

But talking about it can help you work out what is really bothering you and explore what you could do about it.

Talking is an important part of our relationships. It can strengthen your ties with other people and help you stay in good mental health. And being listened to helps you feel that other people care about you and what you have to say.”

Reference: https://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/a-to-z/t/talking-therapies


Why feel alone and unheard if you can join in a social community where individual voices and thoughts are heard?

I found an app that could help, Quipsphere a collaborative social media tool enables you to talk, listen to others voices and thoughts and exchange ideas.

Please read through here for the details of the said application which can be downloaded for free by Android and iOS users:



Download links:




10 things I have learned from being a mom

As part of celebrating the first year of learning that I am having a baby, I’ll be sharing the top ten things I have learned from being a mom.



  1. Motherhood makes a woman become more prayerful and become more grateful to God.
  2. Appreciation to mothers, especially your own mom will never be as deep until you become a mother.
  3. Being a mom exercises virtue called, patience.
  4. Motherhood gives meaning to the word, selflessness. You’ll put your preferences at the bottom of the list to give way to your child.
  5. It is mother’s responsibility to feed her child with breastmilk. If you get a mindset that it’s a sacrifice than a responsibility, chances are, you’ll find breastfeeding journey as hard and painful instead of an enjoyable time to bond with your baby.
  6. Motherhood makes a woman beautiful.
  7. Mothers are naturally, loving.
  8. Mothers play a key role on what their child will become.
  9. Motherhood is saying, “challenge accepted” to life.
  10. Mothers conquered fears and inhibitions when they give birth (may it be on a normal delivery or C-section).

What about you? Please share the top 10 things you’ve learned from being a mother. 🙂