Labingwalong Taon

Tanging Dios ang may alamKung hanggang saan, hanggang kailan Buhay nati’y marupokKaya’t samantalahin habang di pa tuldok Gumawa ng mabutibuhay na hiram ipagsilbi May awa ang Diosbuhay mang taglay ay paupos Ang Dios ay pagibigMga salita Niya’y aliw upang sa pananampalataya’y di manlamig Kapit ng mahigpitWala ng luha, isang araw ay sasapit Umasa sa DiosContinue reading “Labingwalong Taon”

I am grateful for…

These past few months is truly a roller coaster life living with hormonal imbalance condition. Panic attacks, tremors and incessant pouring of tears on my cheeks are my constants day by day. On top of these, I am grateful primarily for being able to pray. These links are mighty tools to see through light atContinue reading “I am grateful for…”

I am a mom to a five year old and a plant mom for 9 years now.

My child has turned five this year with God’s help and mercy. Aside from motherly duties, I am taking care of lovely plants which are my babies and instant gateway to nature. I find peace in arranging plants, it’s very therapeutic, very calming. Happy planting!

While I look up above and reckon the past 15 years…

I’ve got nothing but a great deal of gratitude to my Creator. My passion to seek the truth has intensified over the past years. And because of this truth that I have found, I am able to witness the beauty of God’s words in everything and everyone each and every day — and I wouldn’tContinue reading “While I look up above and reckon the past 15 years…”