Wise Men Manage Their Temper and Choose What They Read

musingsSelf control is not just applicable to preventing oneself to do impulsive buying, nor controlling one’s indulgence on eating, nor quitting from all forms of vices this world offers. It is definitely applicable in controlling our own emotions as well.

I’ve seen several hate blogs this morning and it seems that people today became very busy in blurting out their bitterness on political and entertainment arena.

With His goodness I found some peace when I landed on a blog post by Bro. Eli Soriano –

“Enrich your heart with unfeigned love and hatred and anger will go away.” (check this url for full content: http://bit.ly/fkSrO7)

There were moments that we utter things we don’t mean to say. More so, we don’t mean to shout out our animosity to everyone. Least we realize, we left remarks on other people too. They might think it is okay to react the way you did (triggered by extreme emotions saying things you are supposed not to say.)

It’s not just me who dislike posts that promote negative outlook in life. On the contrary, I admire wise men who filter out which is a good read and which is not.

I myself wishes not to provoke anyone to anger with any of my posts. If you see one, my comment box is available to receive criticisms. With the Almighty’s help, I’ll juice out lessons from them.

I am hoping to find good reads, promoting goodwill, and propagating the truth in the Internet moving forward.

May we be blessed,

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