My Five Cents on the Willing Willie Issue

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My grandma is an avid fan of ‘Wil’ or Willie Revillame since he hosted the show Wowowee of channel 2. I remember that there was a time when I asked her, “What is entertaining on that show, on that man’s hosting?” She looked at me with the face that seems to wonder how come I asked that question. During the commercial break she said her piece. (This might not be the exact words but this is the thought.) “Willie is admirable. He touches lives of so many people by giving them quick cash. Imagine, the other day, he handed thousands of Pesos to a participant who has been problematic of his child’s birth?” After her good remarks on the show, she added, “But on the other hand, I am questioning his sincerity. He is so materialistic and sometimes I couldn’t stand watching when he cracks senseless jokes on his show,” She concluded her answer to my question with this statement, “The reason why I watch is because I am happy whenever the game participants who were less fortunate bags home prize(s). It’s really a big thing for them.”

Grandma is a victim of unprofitable shows. Much of the shows today invite audience to make fun of foolishness. (Sigh) And networks are spending big amounts for shows like those. They have commendable ratings, but what about their values? There is no trace of ‘Public Service’ to those shows that take advantage of needy people. 😦

With the latest issues on Willie about a certain child named Jan-Jan, I asked myself, why should this happen to a child? Why do we have to see a 6 year old child be laughed at just to get Willie’s prize? Willie said that the reason Jan-Jan is doing it is for his family. Jan-Jan, as young as 6 years old, has already felt the sting of poverty. But, does it have to be like this? Is this what public service should be? I can say that the tears of the child shows how traumatic the experience is. We have already seen such things from other networks, and this is considered to be the worst. Unfortunately, networks get good ratings because of shows like this.

In those networks, people come in taking chances, hoping for stroke of luck in winning. But in a local TV network like UNTV 37, they do not promise instant cash at the expense of their contestants being humiliated on national TV. What UNTV offers is  long term support for our country men. Why did I say that? They have FREE MEDICAL SERVICES. When an ill person availed free medical service from UNTV, he is treated to become physically fit to work and sustain his own/ his family. When a child from a family who can’t afford to send him to school availed UNTV’s FREE EDUCATION, he is supplied with knowledge to become the breadwinner of his family. He can then support his family and even send his siblings to school. When a commuter rode the FREE RIDE SERVICE offered by UNTV, he saves a small part of his budget which he can use on other much important expenses.

There are a number of public service efforts that this TV station offers. Their rating might not be as high as of Ch 2 nor of 7 nor of 5. But in their day to day operations, you can see how much value they serve to our fellow citizens.

If big networks will render services like UNTV does, many Filipinos will be having better lives.

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4 thoughts on “My Five Cents on the Willing Willie Issue

  1. Many thanks Ms. Angela for your comment. pero ito ang lagi ko naririnig kay Kuya Daniel Razon, ang aming CEO at Chairman sa BMPI, Inc / UNTV, ginagawa lamang namin ang aming dapat gawin, ang gumawa ng mabuti sa lahat ng tao, we are still a worthless servant, the glory still be to GOD!

  2. Very well said. I salute how you truthfully express your feelings on this blog.

  3. @Kristine Serrano

    “Let my cardio speak.” – has been the theme of my blog because I have learned from my leaders that truth should never be concealed.

    Thanks to the Almighty for giving me an opportunity to blog in spite of the fact that I am not good in writing.

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