Bro Eli, Happy 50th Year in Service to God


“It is better to be over-protective than less-protective.”


I remember this quote from an article, more particularly an interview with Bro Eli published in Believer Magazine that I have read years back. Pardon me if cannot recall the particular volume or edition.


The statement reminded me of my own father. And that line sticked to my mind because such can only come from a loving father or grandfather.


Just like my biological father, who is strict because there’s definitely a reason: my own benefit. But for the rebellious, statements like “follow me because I said so” are signs of excessive strictness and sternness.


And I was once a rebellious daughter who only find fault to my parents’ strictness. Little did I viewed the act as an an obligation and responsibility of my parents.


But now, I realized I was just being irrational and insensitive. Through the years, I have learned to forgive myself for thinking bad about how my parents brought me up and my other siblings.


Part of the changes in my life was brought by God’s graciousness for He has given me immense opportunity to listen to Bro Eli. The wisdom that he preaches before the congregation, with God’s help, opened my eyes and soften my heart to realize that there were so many things that I just ignore and didn’t value.


Now, all these learnings are helping me in many ways, including my having a more positive outlook in life and to discover a better approach in dealing with life’s hurdles along the way.


Bro Eli is someone dear to my heart. He may not know me personally but I know he’s a true preacher and that he has a big heart for a lot of  people who are spiritually thirsty.


To elaborate further, there are countless reasons that prove that he’s the faithful and compassionate preacher of God in our times.


Bro Eli is today the most biblically-based and sensible evangelist when it comes to teaching God’s words and Gospel in the Bible. He’s also willing to spend his own money to help both needy members and non-members of the Church.


While writing this blog,  I was deep in our house’s corner, recollecting my thoughts about the many years that I was blessed to learn the wisdom that God taught His people through Bro. Eli.


All the more, I feel blessed that I am cared for whenever Bro Eli speaks of the Biblically-based do’s and dont’s in life, which constantly helped me change to be better as a daughter to my loving parents and a wife to my dear husband.



Thanks be to God for a faithful preacher like you.

Happy Birthday po Bro Eli.





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