Space is all I need.

Space, admit that we need it. There’s some sort of shortage nowadays. But thank God, it’s replenished by the time you most need it. Tell yourself to hang on tight. Hold on to THE PROMISE and you’ll be fine. Sure you’ll be. However, finding yourself at the brink of explosion is never too nice. You alwaysContinue reading “Space is all I need.”

Love Story

  Romance, where have you been? Lady stood still for 7,776,000 seconds. What is forever?   Flowers are grey. Summer is autumn. Chocolates are nothing but fine ornaments.   What has happened? Where’s the smile on your lady’s face? Misplaced?   Street passers often say. Gold! Gold! Fathom well, she says.   Soaking in blankets PlaceContinue reading “Love Story”

Bro Eli, Happy 50th Year in Service to God

  “It is better to be over-protective than less-protective.”   I remember this quote from an article, more particularly an interview with Bro Eli published in Believer Magazine that I have read years back. Pardon me if cannot recall the particular volume or edition.   The statement reminded me of my own father. And that lineContinue reading “Bro Eli, Happy 50th Year in Service to God”

Roads that I find critical

From bed, start the day with morning prayer, step out from shower with lots of hope, shake that nutrition meal bottle dress up, buckle up and get ready to go. Musings while looking at the window, I can’t help but say, roads – especially intersections – “such critical thing in this life!” The flow ofContinue reading “Roads that I find critical”

Musings from the recent news about Malaysian Airlines plane crash

I am reading this news earlier and I just found myself in tears. I am left with the conclusion in mind that man cannot tell up to when he’ll gonna live. It’s all in the Almighty’s hands. How can I maximize the entire time of existence with His help and mercy? Sunday booster: