Mom and Baby World Wonders- Part 1

Hello dear readers,

lot has changed.

It’s been a challenge facing the first trimester of this wonderful jaunt. Voila! My previous post is unveiled.



Yes, yours truly is 3rd month and 3rd week on her pregnancy journey. Here are some thoughts and experiences which wonders me. 🙂

  • Why do they call it morning sickness when it’s whole day sickness?
  • I’m not sick. I’m just pregnant.
  • Looking at the mirror seeing my baby bump increases the excitement.
  • Everyone’s happy and excited when we broke the news.
  • There seems to be a magnet between my hands and my tummy. Does the baby wants mom to hold him/her every time?
  • I’d like to eat much but the food I’d love to eat before tastes so weird now. What’s with my taste buds?
  • Even my sense of smell have changed.
  • My husband became more stern and/but  sweeter. :p
  • Friends have been so strict in terms of what I eat
  • Daily sweet messages in my mailbox from friends and family
  • Misses long walks

To pretty preggys out there, have you experienced or have thought of these things too? Share!

I’m also sharing these quotes  that I find valuable to moms and moms-to-be like me.



Have a blessed week ahead.



Angela B.

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