UNTV on its 9th Fruitful Year in Public Service

People are accustomed to entertainment shows on TV. The usual concept of entertainment revolved around dancing, singing, tele-dramas and showbiz gossips. For all you know, the mere intention to delight the viewers inflicted negative effect on the society. Some shows infused the normalization of two-piece apparels worn by dancers on national broadcast. Other shows leftContinue reading “UNTV on its 9th Fruitful Year in Public Service”

My Five Cents on the Willing Willie Issue

My grandma is an avid fan of ‘Wil’ or Willie Revillame since he hosted the show Wowowee of channel 2. I remember that there was a time when I asked her, “What is entertaining on that show, on that man’s hosting?” She looked at me with the face that seems to wonder how come IContinue reading “My Five Cents on the Willing Willie Issue”