Tattooed Men Sing Praises to God

Last Sunday, I was blessed to join a group of who visited “New ‘Bilibid’ Prisoners.” It was indeed  a day filled with joy, tears, peace, faith, hope and love. I was so surprised, these prisoners acknowledged the Greatness of Him who changed their lives. I was crying while saying this in my mind, “Tattooed menContinue reading “Tattooed Men Sing Praises to God”

Basyang’s visit – a night filled with prayers and tears

July 13, 2010 It was nine in the evening yesterday when I arrived home seeing my grandma on the door step all worried. “Typhoon’s coming. Aren’t you worried?” she asked. A sweet smile was the only response she got from me. I had my dinner, went online for few hours then lied beside grandma toContinue reading “Basyang’s visit – a night filled with prayers and tears”