Time to Sit Down & Reflect

Found this on my mobile phone. It was supposed to be published last May. 🙂 ——————————————————————— @Yellow M spending valuable time blogging… 5:58pm   Say hello to second quarter of the year. It’s true that we need to focus on the present and plan ahead for the future. But pardon me for disagreeing with theContinue reading “Time to Sit Down & Reflect”

Pressure and Fun – a Good Tandem?

I’ve been up with the team wrapping up tasks last night. Now we felt all the same, I’m sure I’ll get an affirmative response on the question posted (see blog title.) You can never feel so tired when you love what you’re doing. However, don’t ever discount the fact that things need to be _________Continue reading “Pressure and Fun – a Good Tandem?”