Today is Thursday

Team is busy playing ‘Taboo.’ Apart of the loving and productive working group, what else can I ask for? It’s a good music listening to their laughter. It’s feels great that everybody’s spending a quality lunch break. 🙂 I’m excused, I have to check on the progress of an incoming build bulk of work. IContinue reading “Today is Thursday”

Pacquiao vs Marquez Captivates Tourist’s Attention over Tarsiers

It’s a unanimous decision that Manny takes the beacon. If you are here, you can feel the warmth and support that people show for his fight with Marquez. Not to mention, some prayed before the rematch starts. “And this is another glory for our country,” according to some of our countrymen in the tarsier sanctuary I was in few hours ago.

An honorary award triggers reminiscing

My husband and I graduated from Polytechnic University of the Philippines. Those days that we need to catch up with interminable demands of college work that time I see now as blessings. I am thankful to God for my experiences in PUP. ~ Thanks for the times of struggle to meet project deadlines. ~ Thanks forContinue reading “An honorary award triggers reminiscing”

My Five Cents on the Willing Willie Issue

My grandma is an avid fan of ‘Wil’ or Willie Revillame since he hosted the show Wowowee of channel 2. I remember that there was a time when I asked her, “What is entertaining on that show, on that man’s hosting?” She looked at me with the face that seems to wonder how come IContinue reading “My Five Cents on the Willing Willie Issue”

Daniel Razon’s Voice Gives Relief to Noisy Current Filipino TV Practice

[Photo from: I braved myself to go online and to browse news today. Why “braved”? It’s because I had enough of horrible quake stories the previous week. But now I was surprised finding myself otherwise. This post has made me realize some good points today — “Empathetic We also like the fact that DanielContinue reading “Daniel Razon’s Voice Gives Relief to Noisy Current Filipino TV Practice”