Tattooed Men Sing Praises to God

Last Sunday, I was blessed to join a group of who visited “New ‘Bilibid’ Prisoners.” It was indeed  a day filled with joy, tears, peace, faith, hope and love. I was so surprised, these prisoners acknowledged the Greatness of Him who changed their lives. I was crying while saying this in my mind, “Tattooed menContinue reading “Tattooed Men Sing Praises to God”

Just One Day advocates visit prisoners at NBP

“We have been taught by our preachers to visit and show compassion to prisoners.” – says Nardo, one of the advocates of Just One Day Campaign. February 21, 2010 is Sunday bliss at New Bilibid Prison (NBP), Muntinlupa City. Just One Day supporters conducted their “Oplan Dalaw Bilibid” to reach out and bring joy toContinue reading “Just One Day advocates visit prisoners at NBP”