I am grateful for…

These past few months is truly a roller coaster life living with hormonal imbalance condition. Panic attacks, tremors and incessant pouring of tears on my cheeks are my constants day by day. On top of these, I am grateful primarily for being able to pray. These links are mighty tools to see through light atContinue reading “I am grateful for…”

Don’t ask if you already know the answer.

We keep on asking why things happen? And believe me, most of them that you try to ask why won’t fully understand where you’re coming from. We ask because those things that are happening around seems to be far than what we really expect. But come on! There are a lot of factors that weContinue reading “Don’t ask if you already know the answer.”

Pacquiao vs Marquez Captivates Tourist’s Attention over Tarsiers

It’s a unanimous decision that Manny takes the beacon. If you are here, you can feel the warmth and support that people show for his fight with Marquez. Not to mention, some prayed before the rematch starts. “And this is another glory for our country,” according to some of our countrymen in the tarsier sanctuary I was in few hours ago.