Today is Thursday

Team is busy playing ‘Taboo.’ Apart of the loving and productive working group, what else can I ask for? It’s a good music listening to their laughter. It’s feels great that everybody’s spending a quality lunch break. 🙂 I’m excused, I have to check on the progress of an incoming build bulk of work. IContinue reading “Today is Thursday”

Repost: The Day the World Ran for Education

Once again, Kuya (big brother in tagalog) Daniel Razon proved that any good deed will not yield bad results. Kahit Isang Araw Lang Unity Run (Just One Day Unity Run) which was held on January 22, 2012 aims to provide computer laboratories to selected public schools in the Philippines. The run was organized in seven different points in theContinue reading “Repost: The Day the World Ran for Education”

Bohol 2011: Sharing pieces of our Bohol experience

I wish to share to you -aside from some pics- is our Bohol itinerary. First Day Mang Tino picks us up at the airport and tours us to the succeeding points. Loboc Place Historical Blood Compact Loboc River/ Floating river restaurant Snake Exzootic Tarsier Sanctuary Butterfly Sanctuary Chocolate Hills @Carmen – 214 steps Le ElephantContinue reading “Bohol 2011: Sharing pieces of our Bohol experience”

Basyang’s visit – a night filled with prayers and tears

July 13, 2010 It was nine in the evening yesterday when I arrived home seeing my grandma on the door step all worried. “Typhoon’s coming. Aren’t you worried?” she asked. A sweet smile was the only response she got from me. I had my dinner, went online for few hours then lied beside grandma toContinue reading “Basyang’s visit – a night filled with prayers and tears”

Are You a Registered Voter?

Philippine election is the most awaited event for the year 2010. Some says, it is a challenge for Filipinos to select the right person for a better change in the country. Filipinos set much of their expectations during these times  from the  ‘Soon to be President‘ but are they registered to vote? Are they activeContinue reading “Are You a Registered Voter?”