Rise and Shine for the 2013 Philippine National Elections

Yesterday, woke up 7 am to get myself prepared to vote. I had my roster of candidates prepared. The names for the 12 senators, party list, mayor, vice mayor,  4 congressional representatives and 4 councilors are on my mobile. Aunt called up and said, “Don’t forget to bring any national identification card.” She even prepared meContinue reading “Rise and Shine for the 2013 Philippine National Elections”

Are You a Registered Voter?

Philippine election is the most awaited event for the year 2010. Some says, it is a challenge for Filipinos to select the right person for a better change in the country. Filipinos set much of their expectations during these times  from the  ‘Soon to be President‘ but are they registered to vote? Are they activeContinue reading “Are You a Registered Voter?”