People tried so hard but…

The blogger herself could not post any picture to depict the magnificence of her Creator. It is so obvious that there is no room to contain her bliss each time she, with her sound sense, experiences the Almighty’s wondrous creations. The horizon, land, water and everything existing therein professes that there is no single manContinue reading “People tried so hard but…”

A Compilation of Daily Musings

Sharing some reflections…   Mornings make me remember I owe everything to You! ♥ dear brother reached out to me to point out things that I might have done better… Thanks be to God for making him an instrument for me to appreciate that He watches over from above and that He never fails… ♥Continue reading “A Compilation of Daily Musings”

Career and Corona

Career “The Power is in the things that you know and the things you don’t know.” That line came out on one of the meetings I attended and made my hands get into the keyboard to share my daily musings. Several times I’ve been commended at work. “Good job. Great work. Excellent!, etc.” None ofContinue reading “Career and Corona”

Don’t ask if you already know the answer.

We keep on asking why things happen? And believe me, most of them that you try to ask why won’t fully understand where you’re coming from. We ask because those things that are happening around seems to be far than what we really expect. But come on! There are a lot of factors that weContinue reading “Don’t ask if you already know the answer.”