10 things I have learned from being a mom

As part of celebrating the first year of learning that I am having a baby, I’ll be sharing the top ten things I have learned from being a mom. Enjoy! Motherhood makes a woman become more prayerful and become more grateful to God. Appreciation to mothers, especially your own mom will never be as deep untilContinue reading “10 things I have learned from being a mom”

Cheers to motherhood!

MCGI International Mothers’ Club Convention: Happening Now! It’s truly a blessing to be in an organisation who cares for your whole being. Bro Eli Soriano and Bro Daniel Razon ensures that mothers in the Church are firm in faith and well-taught of things for them to continue in service to God. Morning’s welcome salvo from BroContinue reading “Cheers to motherhood!”

Should mothers feel loved only during Mother’s Day?

It’s a good feeling to spend my holiday with mom. She never changed. She is always busy – at home – ensuring Borromeo kids are okay. 🙂 Am I pissed on people who remember their mom’s only during what they call Mother’s Day? Yes, I am. With all the sacrifices they all do for us,Continue reading “Should mothers feel loved only during Mother’s Day?”