Christian New Year

Belittled person come to understanding. Why me? Humble eyes have seen the most impressive yet unfathomable. Yes. Unfathomable. Who can say that the river of tears will be heard by the Most High? Up to this day, I really don’t know why. Nevertheless, this person of no value to men pleads guilty. Though undeserving, hasContinue reading “Christian New Year”

“Don’t feel bad when pe…

“Don’t feel bad when people remember you only when they need you. Feel privileged that you are like a candle that comes to their mind when there is darkness.”

– from FB Art

Such a bliss when you see other people sharing good thoughts over the Internet. 1,000 likes!

Bro Eli Soriano shared a thought that changed my perspective in responding to others who are in need. He said, be thankful to God for the blessings that come your way. The opportunity to do good is rare and the mere fact that others seek your help provides you an easy access to obtain His mercy. – “Mercy begets mercy.”


Tattooed Men Sing Praises to God

Last Sunday, I was blessed to join a group of who visited “New ‘Bilibid’ Prisoners.” It was indeed  a day filled with joy, tears, peace, faith, hope and love. I was so surprised, these prisoners acknowledged the Greatness of Him who changed their lives. I was crying while saying this in my mind, “Tattooed menContinue reading “Tattooed Men Sing Praises to God”

It is not just on Mother’s Day that I remember you

“Missing Note” – this is the subject line from mom’s email. She made me realize how busy I am now (I was a bit confused to insert a sad or happy face emoticon here.) Years back when I was in college, mom and I have all the leisure to spend hours in a day together.Continue reading “It is not just on Mother’s Day that I remember you”