When’s the last time I have been mushy?

Today, my husband is caught up with a lot of work. It’s a great time to be hooked into blogging to do some brain exercise. Recall and come up with brilliant ideas. (pardon me for the improper case, my keyboard is acting up) let’s get it on… “Everything” borrowed from michael buble lyrics You’re aContinue reading “When’s the last time I have been mushy?”

Love month, they say…

Last Feb 14, most people are out celebrating “their” Valentines day. My hubby and I were at home preferring to enjoy the quality talk regarding the hearts day as they call it. “Why not one of them?” That’s the usual question from people around us. We don’t celebrate Valentines day. We both know deep inContinue reading “Love month, they say…”

High regard to this feeling, “helplessness”

there are times that the world seems to be so rude to me… stealing the pieces I initiated with His help or valued… dishonoring the people I most respected… tearing the hearts of the meek and helpless citizens… but at the end of the day, it’s no pain at all… after humbling down myself downContinue reading “High regard to this feeling, “helplessness””