Respect, willfully given

He says to parents, “you don’t demand respect from your children.” I am one of the souls who whole-heartedly agree. I felt justice when Bro Eli mentioned this during one of his lectures. He even mentioned, “Respect begets respect.” It means that parents shall also respect their children. I have seen loving parents around whoContinue reading “Respect, willfully given”

Pressure and Fun – a Good Tandem?

I’ve been up with the team wrapping up tasks last night. Now we felt all the same, I’m sure I’ll get an affirmative response on the question posted (see blog title.) You can never feel so tired when you love what you’re doing. However, don’t ever discount the fact that things need to be _________Continue reading “Pressure and Fun – a Good Tandem?”

Count me unworthy, it’s perfectly okay dear.

Thanks be to God for every single moment that I feel His guidance and care. I feel helpless and unworthy most of the time. It was “His rescue” that I rely upon on. With these hands alone I can’t do anything. Being completely aware of His magnificence makes me more greteful each day. Now I’mContinue reading “Count me unworthy, it’s perfectly okay dear.”

Good tears and inspiring happiness

As much as I want to spare much of my time with you, I can’t. But don’t be sad. I’ll share some of my valuable thoughts here. – @5 it proved how wonderful life is. Tears and gratitude compel a lovely woman to bow down and seek guidance from whom she owes everything. “It feels greatContinue reading “Good tears and inspiring happiness”