Lactating moms are unsung heroes

Dear fellow lactating moms,

Whether your a working mom or a homemaker, I know it’s not easy to sustain breast milk production for the baby. But hang on! There are a million reasons why you need to stretch a mile, mommy.

Why be faithful to your breastfeeding journey line?

Primarily, you shield your own baby from harm as you provide them with the best food – perfectly designed for babies.

Another thing to remember, once your milk production is stabilized, you can be a blessing to other babies. Imagine the goodness you can extend to sick babies or to the preemies! I have personally prayed for the ability to produce a little extra for other babies who are in need. Glory to God that He gave me means to share a little to the helpless babies and ease up their moms’ worries.


Please read through the following articles. They are really helpful:

Hope this Monday note boosts you to move forward with your breastfeeding advocacy!

Loves and hugs,


P.S. Feel free to join this lactation support group:

Women, by nature, are compassionate. That’s what I’ve learned from our Overall Servant, Bro Eli. I was once in need of breast milk when my baby is at NICU being treated from having Sepsis. I know how it feels, mommies. So here I am, calling for your support. Share your super power today!

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Can I mix breast milk that I pump at two different times?

Hello mommies,

Here’s a question that I have answered several times from new moms.

Can I mix breast milk that I pump at two different times?

By experience, here’s what I do:

1. First express – put in fridge (not in freezer)
2. Second express – put in fridge (not in freezer)
3. After few hours assuming 1 and 2 are now in same temperature, combine 1 and 2   in a milk storage bag.
4. Freeze the storage bag from #3.
5. Repeat 1-4 for the succeeding expression.

I do not recommend to store milk in the freezer in milk bottles to avoid damaged parts. There are few good reasons why I suggest storing milk in appropriate milk bags. Read this.

For mommies in the Philippines, I recommend Milking Momma for affordable and quality milk storage bags. IG account:

Happy milking!