I want to run as much as I like Apple tablet

Dear Sunday, why am so excited to see you? On January 31, 2010 Mall of Asia grounds will surely capture exuberance of spirits. MOA is definitely a great venue to show aspiring college students that you care. Kuya Daniel’s creativity can be seen even in his projects. With this ‘Just One Day’ event – promotingContinue reading “I want to run as much as I like Apple tablet”

List to LIVE BY

In the middle of the lonely seas I still felt blessed. When my tears seem to occupy the ship l am sailing on, there comes His rescue, gift from God. A simple note coming from a very busy person can definitely do a lot of magic… Most destructive habit: WORRY Greatest joy: GIVING Greatest virtue:Continue reading “List to LIVE BY”

Get Ready: Isang Araw Lang Marathon for Free Education

Early this morning this thought echoes on my head, “Catch up! Jog Angela!” Maybe because I feel so unprepared these past few weeks knowing Just One Day Marathon (Isang Araw Lang Takbo para sa libreng kolehiyo) is fast approaching. Years back I was able to jog on Sundays with some good old friends. We doContinue reading “Get Ready: Isang Araw Lang Marathon for Free Education”

2009 Keepsakes

It’s 2010. But things happened the past year means much to me. “After 43 years of ‘travel’, using my feet, my jeepney, my cars, and my one and only bus, I found the fastest and the most convenient form of vehicle available to travel around the world in search for YOU.” – Bro. Eli Soriano Bro.Continue reading “2009 Keepsakes”

Why Kuya Daniel Razon on Senate?

I was inspired to express my thoughts about Kuya Daniel’s person being on senate by Prof. Consultacion’s list of nominees for a Senate slate.

Daniel Razon — As head of UNTV, he has built a strong following especially among the seniors in our midst. His programs giving aid to the elderly and to the poor have put him in good stead. Handsome and genial, he commands popularity especially with members of Ang Dating Daan Christian sect.