Till There Was You

(In my mind and in my heart I’m singing this song considering a different context) by The Beatles There were bells on a hill But I never heard them ringing No, I never heard them at all Till there was You There were birds in the sky But I never saw them winging No, IContinue reading “Till There Was You”

Finding true love.

I am blessed indeed. I found love, in many forms. I’d like to talk about finding a good husband. There were so many misconceptions about finding the right guy. Can we really search for it? Well, that’s what I taught until I heard Bro Eli. On the video link I pasted below, I’ve learned thatContinue reading “Finding true love.”

How can you be so weak when others depend on you?

Funny how we try to be strong for the sake of people who depend on us. Nobody knows how much effort we exert to scare those blues away. But at times, feelings just sprout. “Alone again naturally”, “Me against the world”, oh no! But of course, if you know self defense – bad feelings willContinue reading “How can you be so weak when others depend on you?”