Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello readers! Been into a 3-day convention, where the theme is all about being grateful. I’ll tell you that it’s no ordinary. These times, I hear people thanking people. Thanking one’s parent, thanking one’s boss, thanking one’s partner in life… but the MOST IMPORTANT is  forgotten. Unlike the customary ways of man, I get toContinue reading “Happy Thanksgiving!”

Love Story

  Romance, where have you been? Lady stood still for 7,776,000 seconds. What is forever?   Flowers are grey. Summer is autumn. Chocolates are nothing but fine ornaments.   What has happened? Where’s the smile on your lady’s face? Misplaced?   Street passers often say. Gold! Gold! Fathom well, she says.   Soaking in blankets PlaceContinue reading “Love Story”

My heart’s with my friends who don’t understand me

What’s the talk of the town? “Amazing Spiderman,” it is. How can I forget the Spiderman 1? It was the first movie I watched with some college friends a long time ago. After Spiderman 1, I never stepped inside any cinema house. If you’re wondering why, approach me and I’ll tell you the whole storyContinue reading “My heart’s with my friends who don’t understand me”