This is what I do at home. At least, today.

Change of weather-sans-Angela. My body’s not used to the freaking weather change. It’s as if scheduling my sick leave from work. Got 10+ hrs of sleep due to fever (of course comes with heart body ache) since yesterday. I’m a bit okay now and have decided to conduct house check. #1 Fix broken hair clips and ponyContinue reading “This is what I do at home. At least, today.”

An Almond Leaf Made Me Think…

1:00pm power desk… A good date today, 7th of October 2008! I was looking at the mirror to check if things go well with the powder that I’m wearing after drying my face from quick wash. I was really horrified at first when I saw a silvery strand saying hi with other black strands inContinue reading “An Almond Leaf Made Me Think…”