I am grateful for…

These past few months is truly a roller coaster life living with hormonal imbalance condition. Panic attacks, tremors and incessant pouring of tears on my cheeks are my constants day by day. On top of these, I am grateful primarily for being able to pray. These links are mighty tools to see through light atContinue reading “I am grateful for…”

Roads that I find critical

From bed, start the day with morning prayer, step out from shower with lots of hope, shake that nutrition meal bottle dress up, buckle up and get ready to go. Musings while looking at the window, I can’t help but say, roads – especially intersections – “such critical thing in this life!” The flow ofContinue reading “Roads that I find critical”

Basyang’s visit – a night filled with prayers and tears

July 13, 2010 It was nine in the evening yesterday when I arrived home seeing my grandma on the door step all worried. “Typhoon’s coming. Aren’t you worried?” she asked. A sweet smile was the only response she got from me. I had my dinner, went online for few hours then lied beside grandma toContinue reading “Basyang’s visit – a night filled with prayers and tears”