Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello readers! Been into a 3-day convention, where the theme is all about being grateful. I’ll tell you that it’s no ordinary. These times, I hear people thanking people. Thanking one’s parent, thanking one’s boss, thanking one’s partner in life… but the MOST IMPORTANT is  forgotten. Unlike the customary ways of man, I get toContinue reading “Happy Thanksgiving!”

Musings: International Thanksgiving Day 1

Christians encounter hurdles somewhere along the way in their service to the Almighty. Nevertheless, no matter what happens, it is very striking that God is always there.

Bro Eli’s tweets are sweet

  I can skip reading tweets passing by my timeline but not Bro Eliseo Soriano’s. Sharing one of my favorite tweets 😉 Click the link @broelisoriano  to see the rest of his wisdom-packed tweets!