Bro Eli’s tweets are sweet

  I can skip reading tweets passing by my timeline but not Bro Eliseo Soriano’s. Sharing one of my favorite tweets 😉 Click the link @broelisoriano  to see the rest of his wisdom-packed tweets!

Happy 32nd Anniversary to Ang Dating Daan

A lot has happened during the past weeks. And I am fully aware that there’s more to come if God permits to give me life tomorrow and the succeeding days. Proper perspective is important to keep us going. It can’t be bought by money. It can’t be given to you by your beloved husbands orContinue reading “Happy 32nd Anniversary to Ang Dating Daan”

Learning is abundant today, June 29, 2012

Thanks be to God for this day. There are so many things I’ve learned that I consider valuable not only to my day to day work but also to my day to day living. Morning/ Afternoon Session Discipline should be enforced to maintain the company’s brand and security. Of course the end benefit of itContinue reading “Learning is abundant today, June 29, 2012”

2011 is one of the good years I witnessed.

It brings tears thinking about all the things that happened this year. Most of my handkerchiefs witness the overflowing gratitude I have inside. Things that are unexpected makes me appreciate the gifts nicely wrapped, shipped on a cargo for some time and delivered on our doorstep by One whom I adored most. It’s been aContinue reading “2011 is one of the good years I witnessed.”