Learning is abundant today, June 29, 2012

Thanks be to God for this day. There are so many things I’ve learned that I consider valuable not only to my day to day work but also to my day to day living. Morning/ Afternoon Session Discipline should be enforced to maintain the company’s brand and security. Of course the end benefit of itContinue reading “Learning is abundant today, June 29, 2012”

C is for Charity. C is for Concert.

C Concert and a basketball game’s no ordinary if held for the sake of charity. I must admit that I can’t say no for a humble invitation from a friend to attend to that event the second time around. Everything’s sweet and meaningful. Just want to share this blog while I’m on the mood reminiscing whatContinue reading “C is for Charity. C is for Concert.”

Christian New Year

Belittled person come to understanding. Why me? Humble eyes have seen the most impressive yet unfathomable. Yes. Unfathomable. Who can say that the river of tears will be heard by the Most High? Up to this day, I really don’t know why. Nevertheless, this person of no value to men pleads guilty. Though undeserving, hasContinue reading “Christian New Year”

Don’t ask if you already know the answer.

We keep on asking why things happen? And believe me, most of them that you try to ask why won’t fully understand where you’re coming from. We ask because those things that are happening around seems to be far than what we really expect. But come on! There are a lot of factors that weContinue reading “Don’t ask if you already know the answer.”

Today is Thursday

Team is busy playing ‘Taboo.’ Apart of the loving and productive working group, what else can I ask for? It’s a good music listening to their laughter. It’s feels great that everybody’s spending a quality lunch break. 🙂 I’m excused, I have to check on the progress of an incoming build bulk of work. IContinue reading “Today is Thursday”