Salamat sa Dios sa Pagkasumpong ng Pagtitiwalaan

Sa mundo na kung saan ang tiwala ay mailap na sa panahon ngayon, anong sarap sa kalooban na malaman, mayroon pa ring pupuwedeng paniwalaan…   Hindi nabibili, buti nalang, kung nagkakataon hindi ako makakasumpong, salat sa salapi, nguni’t mayaman sa pagtitiwala…   Ang sabi lagi ng nakakatanda, mag-ingat ka iha, ingatan mo ang puso mo,Continue reading “Salamat sa Dios sa Pagkasumpong ng Pagtitiwalaan”

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello readers! Been into a 3-day convention, where the theme is all about being grateful. I’ll tell you that it’s no ordinary. These times, I hear people thanking people. Thanking one’s parent, thanking one’s boss, thanking one’s partner in life… but the MOST IMPORTANT is  forgotten. Unlike the customary ways of man, I get toContinue reading “Happy Thanksgiving!”

“Isang Araw” Premiere Night to Remember

Husband took me out for an anniversary dinner date at Sofitel to watch the “Isang Araw” premiere.  It became a night of gratefulness, a night to realize the goodness of God for the whole year. I would like to share with you some of the realizations, that these bring you positive perspective in life asContinue reading ““Isang Araw” Premiere Night to Remember”

UNTV on its 9th Fruitful Year in Public Service

People are accustomed to entertainment shows on TV. The usual concept of entertainment revolved around dancing, singing, tele-dramas and showbiz gossips. For all you know, the mere intention to delight the viewers inflicted negative effect on the society. Some shows infused the normalization of two-piece apparels worn by dancers on national broadcast. Other shows leftContinue reading “UNTV on its 9th Fruitful Year in Public Service”

A Portion of the Multitude

I belong to a religious denomination who have been taught of being grateful to God. Some may say that their church leader the same way also educates them… but I beg to disagree. I was exposed to a variety of obscure doctrines before arriving to the true Church. None of them ever explained the contextContinue reading “A Portion of the Multitude”