Just Like a Splendid Love Song

by Orange and Lemons Spending my days with you Is like living in a world of fancy With all the beautiful people I know Makin’ love in a world of vivid colours How often have I been there Well it really doesn’t matter As long as we’re together You and me, together we will journeyContinue reading “Just Like a Splendid Love Song”

Bro Eli’s tweets are sweet

  I can skip reading tweets passing by my timeline but not Bro Eliseo Soriano’s. Sharing one of my favorite tweets 😉 Click the link @broelisoriano  to see the rest of his wisdom-packed tweets!

When’s the last time I have been mushy?

Today, my husband is caught up with a lot of work. It’s a great time to be hooked into blogging to do some brain exercise. Recall and come up with brilliant ideas. (pardon me for the improper case, my keyboard is acting up) let’s get it on… “Everything” borrowed from michael buble lyrics You’re aContinue reading “When’s the last time I have been mushy?”