So here comes the busy days…

I’m not in New York but this week started putting me in a scenario that I was like there. Busy life. Yes! Last Sunday I braved myself to goodbye to our house helper. I want peace at home. No more heartaches. I mentioned the term “brave” since I’m about to take on some of herContinue reading “So here comes the busy days…”

Career and Corona

Career “The Power is in the things that you know and the things you don’t know.” That line came out on one of the meetings I attended and made my hands get into the keyboard to share my daily musings. Several times I’ve been commended at work. “Good job. Great work. Excellent!, etc.” None ofContinue reading “Career and Corona”

Performance Feedback and a Cup of Tea

20 plus people have asked me to provide performance feedback for their staff. I stepped back from my workplace for awhile and asked for His guidance to complete the task and challenge my excuses of deferring it to some other day. While taking a sip of my tea, the following words came into my mindContinue reading “Performance Feedback and a Cup of Tea”