2012 is another fruitful year for the “Rescue First, Report Later” Team

“”Di bale nang mauna kayong magbalita (referring to other stations), basta ang uunahin namin ay ang tumulong sa kapuwa. (You can go ahead and report; with us, we willprioritize helping others).” It has been two years since a new flavor of Public Service came to life. I could still remember the eve of January 1,Continue reading “2012 is another fruitful year for the “Rescue First, Report Later” Team”

Basyang’s visit – a night filled with prayers and tears

July 13, 2010 It was nine in the evening yesterday when I arrived home seeing my grandma on the door step all worried. “Typhoon’s coming. Aren’t you worried?” she asked. A sweet smile was the only response she got from me. I had my dinner, went online for few hours then lied beside grandma toContinue reading “Basyang’s visit – a night filled with prayers and tears”

Just One Day advocates visit prisoners at NBP

“We have been taught by our preachers to visit and show compassion to prisoners.” – says Nardo, one of the advocates of Just One Day Campaign. February 21, 2010 is Sunday bliss at New Bilibid Prison (NBP), Muntinlupa City. Just One Day supporters conducted their “Oplan Dalaw Bilibid” to reach out and bring joy toContinue reading “Just One Day advocates visit prisoners at NBP”

2009 Keepsakes

It’s 2010. But things happened the past year means much to me. “After 43 years of ‘travel’, using my feet, my jeepney, my cars, and my one and only bus, I found the fastest and the most convenient form of vehicle available to travel around the world in search for YOU.” – Bro. Eli Soriano Bro.Continue reading “2009 Keepsakes”