If All Else Fails, Where to Turn to?

Yolanda (Haiyan) has left scars to Filipinos, most especially fellows from Visayas/Mindanao region. There are people losing hope. There are people who say they have lost everything (some lost loved ones, some lacks necessities in life like food, water, shelter, etc.) Even government officials from the affected islands were crying for help. People have notContinue reading “If All Else Fails, Where to Turn to?”

Bohol 2011: Sharing pieces of our Bohol experience

I wish to share to you -aside from some pics- is our Bohol itinerary. First Day Mang Tino picks us up at the airport and tours us to the succeeding points. Loboc Place Historical Blood Compact Loboc River/ Floating river restaurant Snake Exzootic Tarsier Sanctuary Butterfly Sanctuary Chocolate Hills @Carmen – 214 steps Le ElephantContinue reading “Bohol 2011: Sharing pieces of our Bohol experience”