Lactating moms are unsung heroes

Dear fellow lactating moms,

Whether your a working mom or a homemaker, I know it’s not easy to sustain breast milk production for the baby. But hang on! There are a million reasons why you need to stretch a mile, mommy.

Why be faithful to your breastfeeding journey line?

Primarily, you shield your own baby from harm as you provide them with the best food – perfectly designed for babies.

Another thing to remember, once your milk production is stabilized, you can be a blessing to other babies. Imagine the goodness you can extend to sick babies or to the preemies! I have personally prayed for the ability to produce a little extra for other babies who are in need. Glory to God that He gave me means to share a little to the helpless babies and ease up their moms’ worries.


Please read through the following articles. They are really helpful:

Hope this Monday note boosts you to move forward with your breastfeeding advocacy!

Loves and hugs,


P.S. Feel free to join this lactation support group:

Women, by nature, are compassionate. That’s what I’ve learned from our Overall Servant, Bro Eli. I was once in need of breast milk when my baby is at NICU being treated from having Sepsis. I know how it feels, mommies. So here I am, calling for your support. Share your super power today!

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Time to Sit Down & Reflect

Found this on my mobile phone. It was supposed to be published last May. 🙂


@Yellow M spending valuable time blogging… 5:58pm


Say hello to second quarter of the year. It’s true that we need to focus on the present and plan ahead for the future.

But pardon me for disagreeing with the “Past is past.” principle. There’s something I try to juice out from what has happened. It’s good to sit down & reflect from time to time. Be the better you with the Almighty’s help & mercy.

On career

  • Receive performance commendations
  • Accomplished to dos for the past quarter

What’s the sense of claiming the credit when I am completely aware that the Almighty provides me life to perform my day to day tasks, gives me clear mind to respond to queries/ provide decisions for the team, peace of mind & understanding to share with workmates. Now tell me, was it all because I am good? No. It’s because of His mercy & guidance. That I call BLESSINGS.

On being a wife

  • Cooked 7 new dishes that earned praises from my husband, friends & family.
  • Prepared daily packed food.


Not because I am a superwoman, it’s because of this.


To God be the glory!


May you have a blessed week ahead.


Blessings come unexpectedly

“Do you despise the His goodness?”

That’s the thought that reminds me how deeply indebted I am until the last day of my life.

Rough roads made me so helpless. It’s nice to recall how His grace moved me to do what needs to be done, to hang on so tight and endure the strong winds. “Those were the days.”

Blessings – it’s not just about the things that we all wanted. Well, at least for me, those are the prayers that seemed unanswered for a certain time. There’ll be a time that we’ll understand why we have to wait before we can achieve the dream we long waited for. And when that time comes we’ll find ourselves in astonishment, uttering “Thank You!”

*Thank you stumbling blocks*

This year has been very generous and rude to me. Sorrows of joy and pain shaped me up. It is true when they say, “you are strong when you are weak.”  I feel the completeness of His rescue, I feel the touch of His loving hands when I am most helpless.


My eyes have seen beautiful places but I am most excited to see that place nobody have seen yet...



Don’t stop me from my letter “I”s. No grammar, no rules. Plain feelings.

My heart with my mind couldn’t find any answer why I am too blessed. Strange if you know my struggles in life but yes, I feel really blessed. I wish to be on stage always to show my debt of gratitude. I am literally little and poor in every aspect but I feel so proud that in His eyes I am so special, so important. That makes me more guilty with all my shortcomings and faults -where in the world can I find the answer, why am I this blessed?

My brother tells me to wait. Wait, wait and wait.  To my surprise, things come without me knowing it’s there already, smiling sweetly in front of me. It was just like yesterday but it’s been years that passed. Why should I grieve? Why should I worry, when all I have to do is pray, stand still and do what I have to do. But of course, blah blah blah… bad feelings will pay me a visit to ruin things but with His help I know I wouldn’t care anymore.

Thank God for holding my heart!

Until next blogging…

All grateful,