Special Place endears the heart

A better place to live at – that popped into her mind when she stepped out of her comfort zone and began her way to the barracks a month after she turned one in the company. Sweet and soulful serenade playing on all day long, fresh air, cool breeze, faces that warms the heart – all those embarked great things in her life, a feeling that will surely come back on a visit. Days filled with laughter and tears cultivated her longing heart.The girl felt so near to what she considers home.

The night was filled with letters and thoughts which the peaceful ambiance contributed prosperously. Exchange of thoughts that added up to her value became so memorable. It was just a right place that a career woman freeing herself from the bee zone. Cardio misses them she had left, then again beautiful things entered in the picture. Realize. Stop. Listen. Think. Talk. Stars can tell how amazing the night is, they witness the loveliness of the surface. After work there is no way to stop and see their beauty, what was all left is desire to feel the softness of the bed and slumber pillows under the silky pajamas. Up until done, more and more laughter feeding the growing heart. She even had a chance to take a moment with somebody she looks up to that completed the noon spent. Business as usual the day was enveloped with her untiring plea.

Sunday’s Best

I was so surprised when I tried checking against my planner, I met 33% of my weekly tasks all-in-a-sunday’s work. This is not usual for me, but just the same, I felt so much of His guidance and that is why my gratefulness couldn’t help to manifest.

Lessons Learned:

1. There’s such thing as “timing”

2. You are what you think.

3. Exercise, a great help to keep the mind in its active state.

4. Heart grows big.

5. Doing good is everybody’s biggest benefit

6. You can never take back the things you once said, better be careful.

7. Somebody will help you do the math.

8. True friends are available in the shop.

9. Big rewards await to those who sacrifice.

10. Hands are made for good works.

Bringing up all credits and thanks back to Him!


What am I gonna do the day ahead?

Sun-kissed morning starts out your day and your work load was planned, revised, and in short, focused on. Most of our minds were set to the things we will benefit from. Tangibles that could astound our selves were mostly in the front line. Let us prick our selves and become conscious of what how we plot our road map for the day.

For some, organizers filled with tasks is vital, some stick on memo pad or mostly known as “post it” – will do, some are into hand-held PCs or mobile phones with task tracker, their precious. But if you look at it’s content? School assignments and projects for students; deadlines, sales targets and meetings for professionals, ROUTINARY life!

How about to start your day extraordinarily? A short prayer for guidance and blessings for the day ahead, then after, your younger sister might want to know what the newest fad in town is, or your dad has something to say about politics (well, getting updated about your environment won’t hurt), or your mom wants to share of her newest recipe that you eat then ignore, or your big brother’s winning basketball tam update. Our task planner ruins the “most” in our lives, to think that a single day could affect come twenty more years in us. Have you ever told your dad and mom that you love them before you go out of your house? Have you kissed your little brother and sister having them known how much you love them before setting up your busy hours? I bet, 80% of the respondents will give me a “Nah, naye, Big No No!”. We wouldn’t know what tomorrow could bring, Proverbs 27:1 Boast not thyself of tomorrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth.

Let’s dig a little dipper. Brother Eli always reminds his fellows to grab every opportunity to do good, Gal 6:10 As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith. Work thy hands to good craft, meaningful and of great value.

From wicked to good…

There was a time in my life that is still vividly painted on the screens. I met somebody that ceased my academic addiction. Yes – you got it right, there was a point in my life where I’ve been a scholarly addict. My pens are my friends, my laptop as my confidant and the C compiler as my all day love affair. What an exercise in futility to miss half of my life! I’ve got good grades but failed to have the nose of the whereabouts of my peers. Missing a lot of head turns just because of the hours spent in the library for that solemn mission of learning.

How was I shifted my focus? A guy came into my life that I never thought would be my significant other up to now. Getting so curious how people experienced butterflies in their stomach as they testify of how love came in and invaded them, I never thought that I will be streaked by the same feeling. It was a roller coaster ride; it all began when I badly hated him because he excels academically, seemingly of no expertise, monopolizing the peak in our subjects. Then there the tutorial came in, a man who shared generously his comprehension unknowingly captured me, sad to say but it is true – wink.

From getting annoyed to getting concerned. I just hate it when my eyes wanted to see him. When my heart speeds up its beat when I worry a lot as he plays solar basketball that makes the sensitive nerves in his nasal to burst and cause it to bleed, I just don’t like it, a mixture of concern and disturbance. Days passed and things that I avoid seem to catch me. I swallowed up all the things I said, I left the robot being and started out to feel up in the skies. I smile, laugh and got more inspired. I played the academic game of no pressure but with my desire to surpass each day full of memoirs with him. He became my personal stand up comedian, my snack provider, my shock absorber (imperfect scores and bad hair days), my body guard, my chaperon, my math instructor, my “Tamagochi” and my programming idol. Yes, all in awe, all around! God really transforms wicked things to good things, who would have thought that my envy and hate could end and that God pricked my heart that became torpid for almost years back to its function? Isn’t that awesome?

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