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Depression, anxiety, stress, they’re prevalent nowadays. Things get worse when an individual feels that nobody is listening to him/her.


How can “talking” help out a sad/troubled person?


According to UK Mental Health Foundation:

“Talking about your thoughts and feelings can help you deal with times when you feel troubled about something. If you turn a worry over and over in your mind, the worry can grow.

But talking about it can help you work out what is really bothering you and explore what you could do about it.

Talking is an important part of our relationships. It can strengthen your ties with other people and help you stay in good mental health. And being listened to helps you feel that other people care about you and what you have to say.”

Reference: https://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/a-to-z/t/talking-therapies


Why feel alone and unheard if you can join in a social community where individual voices and thoughts are heard?

I found an app that could help, Quipsphere a collaborative social media tool enables you to talk, listen to others voices and thoughts and exchange ideas.

Please read through here for the details of the said application which can be downloaded for free by Android and iOS users:



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Lactating moms are unsung heroes

Dear fellow lactating moms,

Whether your a working mom or a homemaker, I know it’s not easy to sustain breast milk production for the baby. But hang on! There are a million reasons why you need to stretch a mile, mommy.

Why be faithful to your breastfeeding journey line?

Primarily, you shield your own baby from harm as you provide them with the best food – perfectly designed for babies.

Another thing to remember, once your milk production is stabilized, you can be a blessing to other babies. Imagine the goodness you can extend to sick babies or to the preemies! I have personally prayed for the ability to produce a little extra for other babies who are in need. Glory to God that He gave me means to share a little to the helpless babies and ease up their moms’ worries.



Please read through the following articles. They are really helpful:

Hope this Monday note boosts you to move forward with your breastfeeding advocacy!

Loves and hugs,


P.S. Feel free to join this lactation support group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/breastfeedingpinays/

Women, by nature, are compassionate. That’s what I’ve learned from our Overall Servant, Bro Eli. I was once in need of breast milk when my baby is at NICU being treated from having Sepsis. I know how it feels, mommies. So here I am, calling for your support. Share your super power today!

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Can I mix breast milk that I pump at two different times?

Hello mommies,

Here’s a question that I have answered several times from new moms.

Can I mix breast milk that I pump at two different times?

By experience, here’s what I do:

1. First express – put in fridge (not in freezer)
2. Second express – put in fridge (not in freezer)
3. After few hours assuming 1 and 2 are now in same temperature, combine 1 and 2   in a milk storage bag.
4. Freeze the storage bag from #3.
5. Repeat 1-4 for the succeeding expression.

I do not recommend to store milk in the freezer in milk bottles to avoid damaged parts. There are few good reasons why I suggest storing milk in appropriate milk bags. Read this.

For mommies in the Philippines, I recommend Milking Momma for affordable and quality milk storage bags. IG account: https://instagram.com/milkingmomma/

Happy milking!



10 things I have learned from being a mom

As part of celebrating the first year of learning that I am having a baby, I’ll be sharing the top ten things I have learned from being a mom.



  1. Motherhood makes a woman become more prayerful and become more grateful to God.
  2. Appreciation to mothers, especially your own mom will never be as deep until you become a mother.
  3. Being a mom exercises virtue called, patience.
  4. Motherhood gives meaning to the word, selflessness. You’ll put your preferences at the bottom of the list to give way to your child.
  5. It is mother’s responsibility to feed her child with breastmilk. If you get a mindset that it’s a sacrifice than a responsibility, chances are, you’ll find breastfeeding journey as hard and painful instead of an enjoyable time to bond with your baby.
  6. Motherhood makes a woman beautiful.
  7. Mothers are naturally, loving.
  8. Mothers play a key role on what their child will become.
  9. Motherhood is saying, “challenge accepted” to life.
  10. Mothers conquered fears and inhibitions when they give birth (may it be on a normal delivery or C-section).

What about you? Please share the top 10 things you’ve learned from being a mother. 🙂

And then it popped out, a bouncing baby girl!

“Be sorry and thankful for people and situation that pin you down when you are at most vulnerable.” Yes, that’s something that blew out of my heart a few hours ago.

Postpartum, they say. But so many lessons learned as I get through it with God’s help. At one point of my life, I thought I had what it takes to be called a “strong willed woman”. Things began to change after giving birth to a 8.10 lbs baby girl on a normal delivery.

There were sleepless nights that I had to endure pain. Physical pain and pain from within. There were flashbacks from yesterday. There were deep sadness that I want to see my loved ones. There were moments were I become to sensitive with what I feel and hear. Sounds simple but only a woman who underwent the same would understand.

I can never say, “let me handle this”. May God help me get through all the after-birth hurdles.

I am vulnerable. I surely am.