How to show available flight results by agony?

Hello Readers! Hope you’re having an awesome Friday! Who hates connecting flights? How about double connecting flights? What about flight schedule on wee hours? Check out this tool that sorts flight results by “agony”… gonna love it! Wishin’ everyone a blessed weekend! Angela

Boarding passes can be obtained online

Leaving is as easy as ABC. There were no hesitations when you know where you’re heading to. I’m already at the Boarding Area Gate 11 at 4:54 am. Web Check-in feature is really cool. I am saved from the long “S” line that awaits those people who need to undergo the manual check-in. So oneContinue reading “Boarding passes can be obtained online”

Are You a Registered Voter?

Philippine election is the most awaited event for the year 2010. Some says, it is a challenge for Filipinos to select the right person for a better change in the country. Filipinos set much of their expectations during these times  from the  ‘Soon to be President‘ but are they registered to vote? Are they activeContinue reading “Are You a Registered Voter?”