Me, myself and I…

People nowadays are hard headed. Observe diabetic would insist that he wants to drink cola and grab a bite of chocolate, see how a pedestrian go against the signage ‘NO PED XING’ or simply the smokers who puff and left the ‘NO SMOKING’ stickers ignorable.  Those were simple incidents show how people go after theirContinue reading “Me, myself and I…”

A dream that was a dream come true

02 September 2008 09:57 pm – bed, before signing off A dream, a dream come true. It was 5:57 am when I woke up in bed this morning from a dream, a dream come true. I wished to be with a sensible guy a million times, I wished that even in my dreams I’ll beContinue reading “A dream that was a dream come true”

Special Place endears the heart

A better place to live at – that popped into her mind when she stepped out of her comfort zone and began her way to the barracks a month after she turned one in the company. Sweet and soulful serenade playing on all day long, fresh air, cool breeze, faces that warms the heart –Continue reading “Special Place endears the heart”

Sunday’s Best

I was so surprised when I tried checking against my planner, I met 33% of my weekly tasks all-in-a-sunday’s work. This is not usual for me, but just the same, I felt so much of His guidance and that is why my gratefulness couldn’t help to manifest. Lessons Learned: 1. There’s such thing as “timing”Continue reading “Sunday’s Best”