Career and Corona

Career “The Power is in the things that you know and the things you don’t know.” That line came out on one of the meetings I attended and made my hands get into the keyboard to share my daily musings. Several times I’ve been commended at work. “Good job. Great work. Excellent!, etc.” None ofContinue reading “Career and Corona”

2011 is one of the good years I witnessed.

It brings tears thinking about all the things that happened this year. Most of my handkerchiefs witness the overflowing gratitude I have inside. Things that are unexpected makes me appreciate the gifts nicely wrapped, shipped on a cargo for some time and delivered on our doorstep by One whom I adored most. It’s been aContinue reading “2011 is one of the good years I witnessed.”

Pacquiao vs Marquez Captivates Tourist’s Attention over Tarsiers

It’s a unanimous decision that Manny takes the beacon. If you are here, you can feel the warmth and support that people show for his fight with Marquez. Not to mention, some prayed before the rematch starts. “And this is another glory for our country,” according to some of our countrymen in the tarsier sanctuary I was in few hours ago.