I am a mom to a five year old and a plant mom for 9 years now.

My child has turned five this year with God’s help and mercy. Aside from motherly duties, I am taking care of lovely plants which are my babies and instant gateway to nature. I find peace in arranging plants, it’s very therapeutic, very calming. Happy planting!

Much brisk walking and a little jogging

Exercise. It’s a necessity to survive. Now’s the time to do it. No ifs, no buts. I just broke the usual routine. House chores –> clear up tasks counter in the office –> cross out the items on a “cheerful wife’s to do list”. What is this all about? I just simply inserted a newContinue reading “Much brisk walking and a little jogging”

Never belittle a single zit…

I noticed a tiny round reddish stuff on my face last Monday. Thinking it was just the usual transient baby pimple on my face, I decided to rush to our fridge to get some ice cubes. I use ice cubes to somehow avoid the itchiness a pimple brings. That seemed to be an effective remedyContinue reading “Never belittle a single zit…”