*Thank you stumbling blocks*

This year has been very generous and rude to me. Sorrows of joy and pain shaped me up. It is true when they say, “you are strong when you are weak.”  I feel the completeness of His rescue, I feel the touch of His loving hands when I am most helpless.       Don’tContinue reading “*Thank you stumbling blocks*”

Worries and fears are ways and means to prove and to be proven

♥ warming … ♫ ♪ ♬ When times get rough And your dreams just fall apart And sometimes you feel That you cant go on Be strong, hold on For God’s love will keep you warm Through the coldest night Through the rain, through the storm When friends turn their backs on you And you’re soContinue reading “Worries and fears are ways and means to prove and to be proven”

Grab that battle gear to keep you alive…

Three days of exposed to dust, heat and carbon dioxide makes a person tired. But these can be overruled with the end in mind that this body that gets tired will be changed, that we will give thanks until eternity, that we have the biggest chance to salvation if we bear the sacrifices, that weContinue reading “Grab that battle gear to keep you alive…”