Living in Perilous Times

The first news I’ve read today is about the Connecticut killing. I also heard about Pres. Obama got emotional due to the incident. Who’s not? Without God’s help “Peace” could never be obtained. Mishaps, unimaginable crimes, just proves that what the Bible says is true. I always hear Bro. Eli say, we badly need GodContinue reading “Living in Perilous Times”

Sincere feedback on your service

Hi Readers, I’d just like to share with you my feedback to a car dealer written early this week. No heartaches anymore, just plain and bold feedback. Hope this helps, Angela Borromeo ————————————————————————————————————————————————— Hello Customer Care Officer, I am writing this email to express my thoughts on your customer service since the day I inquiredContinue reading “Sincere feedback on your service”

Daniel Razon’s Voice Gives Relief to Noisy Current Filipino TV Practice

[Photo from: I braved myself to go online and to browse news today. Why “braved”? It’s because I had enough of horrible quake stories the previous week. But now I was surprised finding myself otherwise. This post has made me realize some good points today — “Empathetic We also like the fact that DanielContinue reading “Daniel Razon’s Voice Gives Relief to Noisy Current Filipino TV Practice” Mr. Public Service’s New Website Shows off New Face

Extraordinary people do not stop thinking about welfare of others. They show compassion to those who have less in this life. A piece of their Channel or Prada bag has brought smiles to people who lost their homes due to typhoons that visited the country late last year. One time big time altruist act ofContinue reading “ Mr. Public Service’s New Website Shows off New Face”