Disclaimer: All that’s written here falls under personal insights. I am hit by the sense of urgency to write. I am inspired. See, my working appetite had rise from its long sleep…  Yes, it is all good. I am blessed with good teammates I should say. I thank  uncooperative co-bees before for without them IContinue reading “Neutralizers…”

Web links can ruin our itinerary

I am a victim of distracting web links… and I found an antidote to share! Here’s the scene. We have our tasks list. The computer is all ready to process the information we have on mind.  But suddenly, inviting web links call our attention. From the active document editor we launched, our mouse pointer allContinue reading “Web links can ruin our itinerary”

Metro Manila Sports Activities 2009

Who: Whole family What: Metro Manila Sports Activities When: February 15, 2009 Where: Ultra – Pasig City MMSA is best to be described as a 100% fun! Green, Orange, Blue, Yellow and Pink shirts and sun-visor caps colored the oval. Nice weather turned on sports buffs, aspiring athletes, artist wannabes (singers, cheer dancers, etc.). TheContinue reading “Metro Manila Sports Activities 2009”