I am grateful for…

These past few months is truly a roller coaster life living with hormonal imbalance condition.

Panic attacks, tremors and incessant pouring of tears on my cheeks are my constants day by day. On top of these, I am grateful primarily for being able to pray.

These links are mighty tools to see through light at the end of each tunnel every time anxiety creeps in:



I deeply thank the Lord for holding my hand each time my soul crawls and attempts to stand up each time I fall. Thank You Father for being there.

I thank You Lord for being jobless, for the feeling of being completely dependent to you, for the words of hope that one day there will be no more tears, for this heart that faints and kept by Your loving arms, for my weaknesses your servant, for our Overall Servants who keep going despite great waves they meet every second of the day, for my loved ones who’s there with great concern, support, help and compassion. Thank You Father for taking care of them, especially my husband and daughters.

Thank You Lord for being able to see this day and express this deep gratitude to You. My flesh may be in great pain, my soul may carry heavy burden but these times I fully believe that You are the God of all. You gave me life. You sustain it. You are the One who is able to take it if it’s time. You are also able to heal. May Your will be done, O Lord.

I am thankful to God for this blog. One day, God’s will be in effect, completely.

To the community of folks who experience different disease, most especially, anxiety and chronic diseases, I pray for our well-being holistically speaking. May God grant our silent pleas and take in control for the rest of our lives.

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