While I look up above and reckon the past 15 years…

I’ve got nothing but a great deal of gratitude to my Creator.

My passion to seek the truth has intensified over the past years. And because of this truth that I have found, I am able to witness the beauty of God’s words in everything and everyone each and every day — and I wouldn’t trade this privilege for anything in the world.

After all the lows I’ve experienced in my life over the past fifteen years, He always reminds me that He is always there, come what may.

And after all the highs I’ve managed to reach in the 15 blessed years that have gone by, He keeps me rooted to where I need to be.

After all that I’ve been through, I know in my heart and in my soul, that I will thank Him until eternity.

He is my Lord — the greatest Being in the universe. Having Him in my life has been the best experience of my humble existence.

Gracias ao Pai!

I wish nothing but unfathomable blessings from above to one and all!


Published by angelaborromeo

Biblically amazed!

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