10 things I have learned from being a mom

As part of celebrating the first year of learning that I am having a baby, I’ll be sharing the top ten things I have learned from being a mom.



  1. Motherhood makes a woman become more prayerful and become more grateful to God.
  2. Appreciation to mothers, especially your own mom will never be as deep until you become a mother.
  3. Being a mom exercises virtue called, patience.
  4. Motherhood gives meaning to the word, selflessness. You’ll put your preferences at the bottom of the list to give way to your child.
  5. It is mother’s responsibility to feed her child with breastmilk. If you get a mindset that it’s a sacrifice than a responsibility, chances are, you’ll find breastfeeding journey as hard and painful instead of an enjoyable time to bond with your baby.
  6. Motherhood makes a woman beautiful.
  7. Mothers are naturally, loving.
  8. Mothers play a key role on what their child will become.
  9. Motherhood is saying, “challenge accepted” to life.
  10. Mothers conquered fears and inhibitions when they give birth (may it be on a normal delivery or C-section).

What about you? Please share the top 10 things you’ve learned from being a mother. 🙂

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