And then it popped out, a bouncing baby girl!

“Be sorry and thankful for people and situation that pin you down when you are at most vulnerable.” Yes, that’s something that blew out of my heart a few hours ago.

Postpartum, they say. But so many lessons learned as I get through it with God’s help. At one point of my life, I thought I had what it takes to be called a “strong willed woman”. Things began to change after giving birth to a 8.10 lbs baby girl on a normal delivery.

There were sleepless nights that I had to endure pain. Physical pain and pain from within. There were flashbacks from yesterday. There were deep sadness that I want to see my loved ones. There were moments were I become to sensitive with what I feel and hear. Sounds simple but only a woman who underwent the same would understand.

I can never say, “let me handle this”. May God help me get through all the after-birth hurdles.

I am vulnerable. I surely am.

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Biblically amazed!

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